Curvy X shaped earring – sitting perfectly around the earlobe.
This is one of our BEST SELLER earring!
And it is totally understandable.


This earring brings out a modern & edgy look to any style you choose to wear any day.
As small as this earring is, it’s an eye catcher, so be prepared to get some compliments.

You can wear it in the main hole or (if you have more) also as a secondary / third hole earring,
And also you can put on one or two, depends on your preferred look.

Length: 1.3 cm | 0.51 Inch
Width: 0.6 cm | 0.23 Inch

Material: Sterling silver 925

All products are made by hand. Each earring is a "one-of-a-kind" piece. Variations in appearance may occur (one of the magical parts about buying handmade).

We gift-wrap all of our orders. Even if you order for yourself - it's a gift! You can also add a card with a customized message free of charge, simply add your message to the order notes before checkout.


Silver, 18K Gold plated silver



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